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School of Agronomy
Practaculture Science
Seed Science & Engineering
Tobacco Production

School of Plant Protection
Animal and Plant Quarantine
Plant Protection

School of Horticulture
Establishment Agriculture and Engineering

School of Forestry & Landscape
Landscape Architecture
Material Science and Engineering
Urban Planning
Wood Science and Engineering

School of Animal Sciences
Animal Science
Veterinary Medicine

School of Tea & Food Science
Food Hygiene and Nutrition
Food Quality and Safety
Food Science and Engineering
Tea Science

School of Sciences
Applied Chemistry
Applied Statistics
Information & Computing Science
Geomatics Engineering

School of Life Science
Applied Biological Science
Biological Science
Chinese Herbology and Development
Silkworm Science

School of Resources & Environment
Agricultural Resources & Environment
Environmental Science
Environmental Engineering
Geographic Information Science

School of Engineering
Agricultural Construction Environment and Energy Engineering
Agricultural Hydraulic Engineering
Agro-Mechanization & Automation
Civil Engineering
Electric Engineering and Automation
Machinery Design & Manufacturing & Automation
Vehicle Engineering

School of Light Industry & Art Design
Fashion & Accessories Design
Fashion Design and Engineering
Interior Environmental Design
Package Engineering
Product Design
Textile Engineering
Visual Communication Design

School of Information & Computer Sciences
Computer Science and Technology
Electronic Information Engineering
Internet of Things Engineering
Logistics Engineering
Network Engineering
Telecom Engineering

School of Economics & Management
Agro-Forestry Economics and Management
Financial Management
Information Networks & Management
Insurance Studies
International Economy and Trade
Land Resources and Management
Public Administration
Regional Development in Agriculture
Tourism Management

School of Foreign Languages
English Studies
French Studies
Japanese Studies
Business English Studies

School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Applied Psychology
Chinese Language and Literature
Social Work
Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
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