International Collaboration Between AAU and Five US Universities
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The Inaugural Conference of China-US Based Agricultural Extension Alliance, hosted by AAU and Colorado State University (CSU), was held in Hangzhou on March 23-24, 2017. Five American universities, including CSU, the University of California System, Oregon State University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Purdue University, joined the event.

During the conference, Dr. Chen Beijiu and Dr. Yao Zuowen, President and Vice President of AAU advanced successful discussions on deepening collaborations with Dr. Lou Swanson, Vice President for Engagement, CSU and Dr. Gao Wei, Associate Provost for China Programs, CSU. Meanwhile, Dr. Chen and Dr. Yao also reached initial consensus on how to promote university-level partnership, including joint research and student and faculty exchanges, with Glenda Humiston, Vice President for the University of California System, Charles Chuck Hibberd, Dean and Director for the Cooperative Extension Division, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Kashchandra G Raghothama, Interim Associate Dean and Director of International Programs in Agriculture, Purdue University.

As strategic partners, AAU and CSU have developed in-depth cooperation in the areas of education, research and agricultural extension since 2010, bringing about many achievements.

The University of California System is among the best in the US. Purdue University, Oregon State University and the University of Nebraska also enjoy good reputations, especially in the field of agriculture and other relevant disciplines.

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