Dr. Yao Zuowen
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Dr. Yao Zuowen

Vice President, AAU

Dr. Yao Zuowen is a vice president of Anhui Agricultural University. He oversees the Department  of Human Resources, Department of Science and Technology (Editorial Office of the University Journal), Research Institute for New Rural Development, International Office (School of International Education); and contacts the School of Forestry & Landscape Architecture and the second General Branch of CPC. 

Dr. Yao worked as the manager of science and technology after graduating from Anhui Agricultural University in 1988, served as Deputy Director of the Graduate School in 2000, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Department, as well as the Director of Editorial Office of the University Journal in 2004 and Director of Science and Technology Department in 2007.

Dr. Yao earned his Bachelor’s degree from Wannan Agricultural College in 1985, Master’s degree from Anhui Agricultural University in 1988 and Doctorate from University of Science and Technology of China in 2002.

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